Fiorella Castañeda


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How do you shake up the fashion industry?


By shattering accepted boundaries, by only accepting the kind of work that has previously eluded non-sample-size models and never taking no for an answer. Fiorella Castañeda is on a mission to change the type of beauty we see in media.


Originally starting as a model and entrepreneur, Fiorella has been a presence in modelling for more than a decade, but it is her fierce passion for demanding change in the industry that has solidified her as 2018's biggest fashion breakthrough. Whilst in the past some have carved out successful careers with commercial work, occasionally making waves in the fashion world, no curvy, foreign and diverse model has commanded the level of attention Firoella has.


For Fiorella, and unlike most, it isn’t about bagging the front cover of a magazine or gaining followers, it’s about opening up opportunities to those who have felt rejected in the past, to those pushed out and excluded because of how their diversity.


Rather than looking in the mirror and thinking, ‘I'm too fat, I'm not pretty enough, I don't look like the models I see in magazines,’ Fiorella is leading the next generation to now say, ‘I love myself, I'm happy with my body, and 'I'm beautiful".


The fashion industry had better watch out because Fiorella is here to disrupt their agenda, broaden the definition of beauty and she won't stop until she's dominated the conversation and turned their world upside down.


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