Phil Hoyles


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Phil Hoyles has more than two decades of TV and radio experience. After hosting the Welsh national charts show on BBC Radio 5 at the age of 18, he was asked to work full time at the hit music station, ‘The Wave’.


He hosted the Drivetime slot for nearly 10 years and The Chart Show for 18, whilst also making appearances hosting Breakfast and Daytime shows. 


In February 2018, Phil took up residency on the more speech led ‘Swansea Sound’ ‘Daytime’ show.  The interview-heavy format has seen Phil tackle issues such as farming and child trafficking. 


Phil is also a regular face on TV in Wales, hosting ITV's ‘What On Earth?’ for three seasons, leading Swansea’s local television and presenting live on Bay TV every weekday.


Phil's record has seen him recognised by industry experts across the field as "a seamless and credible presenter", (Neil Thompson, editor, 'Good Morning Britain’).

In 2020, Phil took the reigns of Bauer's new Greatest Hits Radio station.


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